The Motown Strutters are partnered with Morgantown Dance and have performed at local retirement facilities, fairs, pageants, reunions, expos, service organizations, and the magnificent Metropolitan Theatre. The Strutters not only donate their time and talent at nursing homes and rehab facilities, but they also volunteer their time and talents at events sponsored by Morgantown Dance, West Virginia Public Theatre, WVU Dance Department, OLLi, Relay for Life, church groups,and the Metropolitan Theatre. Many have other individual interests where they volunteer their time and their talents as well.

These animated young ladies, whose ages range from their 50s to their 80s, motivate, encourage, and inspire young and old. They believe that age knows no boundaries and that for them life is a dance.

These fourteen dancers prove that aging does not mean getting old!

Let us entertain you!

We are The Motown Strutters!